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Ode to Waterbeds
(by Joe Dunstan)

They are not to be laughed at or taken in vain. It's serious business in Hong Kong and Spain. The French, the Germans, the Dutch and the Swedes, seek the warmth and the comfort a waterbed brings.

Thousands of beds each month are sold. They're made to suit the young and the old. The skill is in the special interior, where water disperses to envelop the posterior.

Records are held to show they are tough, one hundred students was more than enough. They stood on top all safe and secure, even an elephant stood equally sure.

Marketing efforts rose through the roof, with a waterbed on Mount Blanc as definite proof. Isle of Arran in Scotland, Lantau in Hong Kong, all over the world they're singing this song!

Sales are rising like the tide, in foreign states and Europe wide. Great Britain too is becoming aware, of the benefits to be gained, if only they'd dare!

The latest designs are extremely good, restful, caressing and good for your blood. Most people suffer from backache it's true, no relief from the pain soon makes you feel blue.

Rest is important to ease the pain, but when rest eludes you - you live with the pain! Waterbeds suit both the large and the small, with extra long sizes, no trouble at all.

There's nothing to beat them for total rest. So do come and see them - you'll be impressed!

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