Benefits to be gained by sleeping on a waterbed?

  • Overall wellbeing.
    A waterbed provides relief from pain associated with many disorders, thereby encouraging the body to heal itself.
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism.
    All over support reduces pressure on major area's of inflammation and the warmth improves circulation which in turn helps to reduce pain.
  • Always the right temperature.
    A waterbed is the only bed that has the therapeutic value of always being the right temperature.
  • No pressure points.
    You toss and turn in a conventional bed, because blood supply is restricted causing damage to bones and vital organs - hence the pain!
  • No more electric Blankets.
    Always warm and relaxing.
  • Allergenics and Asthmatics.
    The hygienic sleeping surface eliminates bed bugs and dustmites making it the best environment for asthma, eczema and allergy sufferers.
  • Easy maintenance.
    You never need to turn the mattress and it will not seat or sag.

Are waterbeds good for your back? - Absolutely!

If your bed is too firm your whole body weight is pushing down on the tight surface restricting vital blood supply. That is why you toss and turn!

If your bed is too soft or worn, it will not support you properly.
Result......... back pain and eventual damage

Waterbeds however, conform to everyone's individual shape. The water wraps around each contour supporting every inch of your body without pressure, allowing you to rest, sleep or recover.