A waterbed - You must be joking!

Its no joke! - A waterbed is the most comfortable bed in the world

Waterbeds were used over 3000 years ago by Persians who slept on goat skin water-bags warmed by the sun, and it was a British Doctor, William Hooper, who in the 1850's produced the first rubberised, modern day, waterbed. He recognised the medical benefits to be gained by sleeping on a pressure reduced surface and probably wouldn't be too impressed now to note that practically every other developed country, in the world today, is way ahead in accepting the medical benefits.

Most people suffer back pain at some stage and some of those spend a fortune treating the symptoms instead of the cause. Some have the added stress of trying to conceal the extent of their pain because their livelihood and/or way of life depend on it. Yet, their problem could be caused by something as simple as their bed. Even the most expensive conventional bed can be the wrong one for you! So.............. how do you know which one to buy? You don't so you try every conventional bed available and you take a chance.

Not so with a waterbed - Ask about our try before you buy scheme.

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