Comments you hear - None of which are true!

"I'll be seasick"
"They're Heavy - they come through the ceiling!"
"They burst and the water goes everywhere!"
"They're really expensive!"
"They're difficult to get out of!"

I'll be seasick - Why?..............

There's no springs to bounce up and down when you or your partner move - plus any movement on a waterbed is soft, gentle and therapeutic. Originally, all watermattresses were freeflow (no stability). Now you can choose from freeflow right through to 120% stability.

They're heavy - Not true!..............

People tend not to think about the weight of their present bed, yet a conventional bed can weigh more than a modern waterbed. A waterbed has 10% or less surface contact pressure than a conventional bed, fridge, washing machine or piano, and is well below the basic Building Regulation requirements. (If you know of anyone whose ceiling has been brought down by a waterbed - do let us know, we're still trying to find one!)

They burst? - Never!..............

A waterbed is not like an Air mattress, which is under pressure. You can take the filler cap off, walk all over it and you won't lose a drop of water.

Are they expensive? - No!..............

We are talking about quality sleep and your bed is the most important household item you will ever buy. A waterbed will cost you no more than a decent conventional bed. It is, however, worth buying a reputable make. It will last a long time and give you excellent value for money. Prices vary depending on styles and options. E.g. Stability levels, fabrics, finishes etc., however, you can buy a good king size (5'), 100% stability for less than £1000. Payment terms are available, subject to status, for those who prefer to spread the cost. (Written detail on request)

They're difficult to get out of! - Not anymore!..............

In the early days a waterbed was a rigid box with a bag of water inside. However, technology over the years has resulted in waterbed perfection. You can now buy beautiful, sophisticated softsided divans which can be used with or without a frame. Just like getting out of any other bed.