Types of mattresses.

STRETCH-TOP System® offers a choice of two watermattresses. The 200A is a very comfortable watermattress with a smooth surface.
The 201A has an extra stretchable surface. The unique diagonal stretch pattern provides additional comfort and adjustability. The STRETCH-TOP System® is undoubtedly the most comfortable mattress on the market.

Mattress models.

You can choose either ONE mattress in the bed or a DUAL mattress option, in which both partners have their own watermattress and separate heaters.


STRETCH-TOP System® uses preliminary treated polyester fibres as a method of stabilisation.
STRETCH-TOP System® offers a wide range of stabilisation levels: from pleasantly floating freeflow through to completely stabilised at 120%. Choosing the level of stabilisation is a personal decision, and we are happy to assist you in making that decision.

1 Cover
2 Upper surface of the mattress
3 Foam rail
4 Upholstery of the soft-side
5 Corner profile of the plinth
6 Plinth
7 Soft-side coating
8 Soft-side profile
9 Fixings for the upper foam
10 Thermally insulated bottom plank
11 Isopad
12 Earthed heating element
13 Safety liner
14 Underside of the watermattress
15 Stabilising fibres